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The Writers Circle’s 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Finalists

The Writers Circle’s 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Finalists


Here they are: The Writers Circle’s 2016 finalists in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!  We have a lot of key winners this year in practically every writing category!  And the FOUR Gold Key winners will go on to compete on the national level.  Since TWC started sponsoring our young students for the awards, we’ve had not only Silver, Gold and Honorable Mentions, but National Gold Medalists two years in a row! With our latest young writers, we’re hoping for a third – or more.

We’re so proud of all our students. Starting with just a vision and their imagination, they put in the hard work, including multiple revisions, and then found the courage to send their work into the world.  It’s a huge accomplishment that will reap rewards in many ways well beyond writing.

TWC Gold Key and Gold Medal students participating in a reading in NYC in 2015.
TWC Gold Key and Gold Medal students participating in a reading in NYC in 2015.

Here they are.  (In keeping with our policy to protect our younger students’ privacy, we’ve just used the kids’ last initials. )

Adam W. (Millburn High School)
Gold Key – Poetry: Songs of Ending

Bella B. (Stuart Country Day School)
~ Honorable Mention – Poetry: “The Disappearing Dancer”
~ Silver Key – Poetry: “Bloody in Love”
~ Honorable – Poetry: “Triangles”
~ Silver Key – Poetry: “Hands”

Cassidy L. (Eastern Christian School)
~ Honorable Mention – Short Story: “Dreams Have No Bearing on Reality”


Hikaru H. (Columbia High School)
~ Honorable Mention – Science Fiction/Fantasy: “Dreamworld”

Kevin W. (Millburn Middle School)
~ Silver Key Flash Fiction: “Memories”
Silver Key Flash Fiction: “Sunsets”
Gold Key – Short Story: “Time of Ghosts”

Keyonna M. (Randolph High School)
~ Honorable Mention – Poetry: “Unborn”

Mira M. (Thomas Edison Intermediate School)
~ Silver Key – Short Story: “City of Lies”

Olivia B. (who moved away, but still worked with Judith from afar!)
Gold Key Flash Fiction: “A Letter to His New Her”

Prisha M. (Millburn Middle School)
~ Gold Key – Science Fiction: “Fantasy Rain Surprise”
Silver Key – Personal Essay: Memoir: “Letting Go At Last”
~ Honorable Mention – Flash Fiction: “A Race Lost”
~ Silver Key – Poetry: “For Ms. K”

These are the students we helped directly with their submissions, but if there’s a student from our classes who submitted through their school, please let us know how you did so we can cheer for you, too.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  We love working with each and every one of you.

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  • I’m the dad of Kevin W. mentioned in the above post. Kevin has been attending Judith’s classes at TWC in the three or four years. In these classes he learned so much and has become much better in expressing himself more clearly and in more creative ways. I most highly recommend TWC to any parents who want to bring up their child into a well-rounded person!

    • Thank you! Kevin’s been terrific to work with from the first day he walked into class. We love to see how he has grown and we’re truly thrilled with this latest accomplishment.

  • Congratulations to another TWC student, Rose S., who won a Gold Key for her
    Science Fiction/Fantasy story, “Winnifred”, sponsored by The Spring School!

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