We’re tiptoeing back toward in-person classes this summer, but we want to do it safely.  And we don’t want to leave behind any of our virtual students behind. 

So whether you live around the corner, across the country, or on the other side of the world, we’ve got creative writing workshops for you.

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Freedom of Expression | Inclement Weather | Program Cancellation | Makeups | Trial Classes & Drop-ins | Refunds/Withdrawal | Private Youth Sessions


Freedom of Expression Policy

At The Writers Circle, we respect our students’ imaginations and their right to explore any aspect of creative self-expression. Especially in our children’s classes, we believe in leaving plenty of room for the wild, ridiculous, tasteless, rude, and occasionally frightening fantasies that often frequent young people’s minds.

Creative writing is the perfect place to safely indulge these notions. While our imaginary characters live out dangerous situations or questionable behaviors, we writers maintain a safe personal distance from which we can explore our curiosities, anxieties, and fears.

When writing in our workshops, children can freely approach any subject they choose and write it in any manner that inspires them. If their topic, language or other facet of their work verges on the inappropriate, we demand firm literary justification for their choices.

At the same time, we never want our students to feel unsafe or threatened by the topics their peers address.  We do not permit provocative or intentionally destructive expression; nor do we allow racism, prejudice or personally aimed attacks.

Should any of these issues arise in the normal course of creative self-expression, we make every effort to redirect the writer toward a constructive discussion of their choice, working toward a productive approach that focuses on the context of the writing while never personally condemning or criticizing the writer.


Inclement Weather

For the safety of our students and instructors, The Writers Circle will close whenever the town school systems where we teach close. In addition, we will cancel classes when we feel that weather threatens safe travel.

Because some of our teachers come from far away, an individual teacher may cancel a class even if the location is open. If so, the teacher will email the entire class – please always check your email before venturing out. In addition, we will use Facebook, Twitter, and our website to announce all cancelled classes.

You are invited to make up any cancelled class in one of the age-appropriate ongoing workshops in any of our locations. Please see our Workshops page for your options and let us know in advance so that we can notify the teacher to expect you.

All make-ups are valid only within the current or succeeding session. If you are unable to attend during that time, you may substitute one of our afternoon events within that calendar year.*

*Only applies to two-hour Speaker Series events, although tuition value may be applied to half- and full-day programs.


Program Cancellation Policy

Workshops or events that do not reach their minimum registration are at risk of cancellation.  Often registrations occur at the last minute. The Writers Circle does its best to wait as long as possible before cancelling any program.  Registered students are notified by email approximately 5 days prior to the scheduled program start date if their program is under-registered.  Cancellation is announced by email approximately 2 days prior to the scheduled program start date and registered students will be provided with opportunities for alternate programs, credits, or refunds.  The best way to ensure that a program runs is to register at least one week prior to the scheduled start of any workshop or event. 


Make-up Classes

If you miss a class, you can make it up in another age-appropriate workshop. Contact us at least 24 hours in advance of the class you would like to attend so we can keep track of your attendance and notify the appropriate instructor.  Only three make-ups are permitted per session.  Make-ups are honored through the session during which you are registered. Up to two classes may be carried over into the following session.  No make-ups are permitted after the subsequent session has ended.  We cannot prorate or refund tuition fees to accommodate previously missed classes.


Trial Classes & Drop-in Students

Except where specifically noted in class descriptions, Trial Classes and Drop-in students are allowed only by prior arrangement with The Writers Circle, and only if the class in question has reached its minimum registration and has not yet reached the maximum number of students.

  • ADVANCE NOTICE IS REQUIRED. Contact us at least 24 hours in advance of the class you would like to attend so we can keep track of your attendance and notify the appropriate instructor.
  • Make your PAYMENT HERE.  Payment is required before attending the class.
    • Trial Class/Drop-in fees:
      • Children: $40/class
      • Teens: $40/class
      • Adults: $45/class
    • Checks are reluctantly accepted.  Payment is due at the beginning of each class.  Please make your check payable to “The Writers Circle, LLC”.
    • Cash cannot be accepted under any circumstances. 

If you decide to formally join the class, please complete your registration online. Your tuition will be pro-rated by our registration system for the remainder of the class.

NOTE: Priority is always given to fully-registered students.  Instructors will make every effort to make time for a walk-in student to participate and share their work. However, please recognize that the teacher cannot short-change fully registered students or adjust the lesson because of a drop-in student.

The drop-in policy is NOT a substitute for registering your student.  We occasionally must cancel classes because of low registration. Registering is the only way to ensure that a class will run, which is obviously good for all.


Refund & Withdrawal Policies

Students who choose to withdraw after payment of weekly classes have the following options:

  • Request a refund. All withdrawals are subject to TWC’s non-refundable administrative fee of $40. Absolutely no refunds are issued after the second class of any session, except in the case of medical emergency.
  • Request a credit. TWC will hold any outstanding tuition as a credit to be used for another TWC workshop or event within two consecutive sessions of withdrawal.

The refund policy for students attending the Summer Creative Writing Intensives is as follows:

  • Refund Fee $100 per session.
  • Absolutely no refunds are issued after June 30, except in the case of medical emergency.


Private Youth Sessions

For the safety and comfort of all involved, TWC requires that a parent or guardian to be present during all private youth sessions held in any private home.  If this is not possible, our instructor will suggest a public meeting place like a library or coffee shop.

Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to these policies.

Contact us if you have any questions.