Celebrating the Written Word

Fall Registration is OPEN

Our fall registration is live with creative writing workshops for all ages, from grade 3 and up.  Plus one of the most exciting adult lineups we’ve ever offered, including:


Writing Diversely with a Sensitive Touch with bestselling author and sensitivity reader, Yasmin Angoe



Tons of options for kids and teens, too!

~ weekday and weekend workshops – in person, hybrid and virtual ~


College application season is just around the corner!

Join us for Less Stress College Essay

With Sarah Lyman Kravits 
September 24-25, 2-4 PM
Meeting in-person in South Orange, NJ*

Writing a college essay can be the most stressful part of the application process, especially for students who don’t consider themselves “good writers.” While a little stress can motivate and energize, too much can turn this necessary task into paralyzing agony. Each half-day workshop will guide students toward a draft of their college essays while introducing them to stress reduction techniques that will ease them through the college application process. Students will brainstorm for an engaging topic that fulfills one of the most recent essay prompts, then develop a working draft that fits the Common App requirements. Writing is rewriting, and there will still be work to do, but students will be way ahead of the game with their draft underway and with a few stress-relieving strategies.

Limited to 10 students. Advance registration strongly recommended!

*Unless COVID forces us to change our plans.


A unique writing experience…

Wine & Words: Stealing from the Sommelier

Sunday, October 9 at 2 PM
Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen, Morristown, NJ

In town for the Morristown Festival of Books?
This is the perfect way to end that celebration!

Every good wine has a story, and every good sommelier is an author. In many ways, a sommelier shares the challenges of a poet, the work of describing a sensory experience with mere words. A sommelier’s vocabulary must be precise, muscular, vibrant. Join us for an afternoon at the glorious Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen in Morristown, NJ for an afternoon of wine and words.

This workshop offers a lively stretch of the sensory muscles, but is also intended as a reminder that writing is fun. In this relaxed but electric space — the intersection of wine and words — the work that emerges is authentic, creative, and often surprising.  

Along with a selection of unique wines, enjoy light refreshments.