Out of an abundance of caution regarding the pandemic and because of damage from Hurricane Ida at several of our locations, we’re continuing to work on Zoom this fall. But we promise, our online classes are awesome!

By the time 2022 rolls around, we hope to be able to see our students again – in person!

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The Writers Circle Shop

Take a bit of The Writers Circle with you wherever your creative writing goes.

Mind-sparking creative writing activities and prompt decks created by The Writers Circle.

Plotfoolery Creative Writing Adventure


Plotfoolery is a story-writing adventure with enough wacky and wordtastic ideas to stretch your imagination and keep you writing for hours.

Part game, part creativity sparker, it’s guaranteed to make even the most reluctant writer grab for a laptop or pad and pen. 


Story Magic Prompt Decks

$10.00 – $20.00

inspiration-sparking story-making prompt decks for creative minds of all ages

Story Magic card decks are creative writing story starters that help everyone write a wordtastic story.

Using one deck or several, you can create amazing 3D characters and set them off on wild and wacky adventures.