We’re tiptoeing back toward in-person classes this summer, but we want to do it safely.  And we don’t want to leave behind any of our virtual students behind. 

So whether you live around the corner, across the country, or across the world, we’ve got plans in the works.  Details coming soon!

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Celebrating TEN Years of Creative Writing and Community

Celebrating TEN Years of Creative Writing and Community

January 18, 2020 marked The Writers Circle’s tenth anniversary and we celebrated the day in style.  Here’s a peek at the party we threw at Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit, NJ.  Thank you to all the students, family, and friends who came out to make the day a truly joyous reunion.

We greeted friends and students we saw just yesterday or haven’t seen in a while. 

Of course, there was food.

And speeches.  Judith started off telling how it all began.  Then Michelle jumped in, as she did nine years ago, to share how we started to grow together.

Chet Ensign and Prisha Mehta were acknowledged for the length of their commitment to their writing – and for their friendship, too!

We couldn’t have a gathering without a little reading.  Here’s Donna Baier Stein, Lisa Romeo and Eric “Myster-E” Shandroff.  Also on the roster were Jake Shapiro, Ayana Alles, and Lillie Hannon.

Then it was time to cut the cake!

The afternoon ended with farewells and friendship which outlasts all our classes and extends to all our community.  Thank you for all the wonderful years of creativity, imagination, support and love.

Here’s to another ten years of The Writers Circle! 


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