We’re tiptoeing back toward in-person classes this summer, but we want to do it safely.  And we don’t want to leave behind any of our virtual students behind. 

So whether you live around the corner, across the country, or across the world, we’ve got plans in the works.  Details coming soon!

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The Magic of a Writing Retreat: 2018 Recap

The Magic of a Writing Retreat: 2018 Recap

The weekend of November 9th through 11th, an intrepid group of writers gathered at St. Marguerite’s Retreat Center in Mendham for The Writers Circle’s annual weekend retreat.

As you might recall from last year’s recap, the retreat features plenty of quiet time to write—along with breakout workshops, yoga and meditation sessions, readings, gorgeous scenery, and the company of people who care about stories.

This year, rather than write a standard recap, we wanted to do something a little different. So we asked our participants: What’s the best thing that happened to you this weekend?


I faced my fear of writing! I think I really found my confidence in becoming a writer. – Judy, Howell, NJ

I beat my previous word count record for my most productive day. Previously the most I’d done in a day since starting my novel was 2,300, and I got to 3,000 yesterday! – Ginny, Clifton, NJ

I got to know my characters so much better, and I got over some of my anxieties about writing. – Lillie, Maplewood, NJ

I broke through writers’ block! – Stefanie, Stirling, NJ

The best part was getting my manuscript in shape. Plus I learned a lot from the breakout sessions, like the character session with Michelle. And Chris’s session on revision totally opened my eyes. – Karla, Randolph, NJ

I finished the climactic chapter of my book. It’s pretty awesome. – Jeff, Morristown, NJ

It was such a joy to soak up the inspiration of this setting and connect with other writers. – Laura, Ambler, PA

Aside from just hanging out with everyone and hearing what people were writing, I submitted three works, and I learned how to use Duotrope. This is going to be a big boost for my productivity. – Chet, Maplewood, NJ

The best part of it was just the time and space to write—and to think about how I want to move forward with my writing. As great as it is to get stuff done while you’re here, it really resets your goals for when you get home. – Chris, Summit, NJ

I loved just being here, honestly, and being with writers. And watching all of you pull it together. – Michelle, Chatham, NJ


Thanks to Laura Romain for compiling the quotes and taking the silly pictures. And thank you, everyone, for a wonderful weekend. We hope to see you at our 2019 retreat!

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