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How to Get Successfully Published
E-books to Social Media to Print-on-demand to
Old Fashioned Agents & Publishers

with Arielle Eckstut & David Henry Sterry
"The Book Doctors"


September 9, 1PM-5PM
~ TWC's Grand Opening Event at MONDO Summit ~


The mysteries of the publishing world have baffled many a would-be author. Some rules you absolutely must learn because breaking them can end your chances of publication then and there.
Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry spent an afternoon at The Writers Circle clearing away the fog and helping participants understand how to increase their chances of getting a contract with a big traditional publisher or getting their book, by other creative and viable means, out into the world.


Arielle and David


The Book Doctors workshop was the first in The Writers Circle's 2012-2013 Speaker Series and a special grand opening event at its newest location, MONDO on Springfield Avenue in Summit.

The session included a candid discussion of the process a writer must go through to land an agent and traditional publisher. David and Arielle also went on to detail about the responsibilities a writer has to create a platform, build an audience and publicize their work, whether they publish with one of the "Big Six" publishing houses, try for a smaller press or choose to publish themselves.


Publishing Workshop


The dialogue was enlivened by personal stories—what worked for them both, their clients and friends, and what didn't—with lots of humor added to the frustration. They both warned of publishing pitfalls, and demonstrated with encouraging examples how to turn failures into successes. Arielle and David's wit and charm sparkled through the afternoon, when they agreed and even more so when they didn't.


Arielle and David


Participants' responses to the session were glowing: "Arielle and David were wonderful." They presented their topic "most passionately." "Their individual anecdotes were very helpful." "I left wanting to write to impress Arielle and David as well as myself."


Several attendees took the opportunity to write and try out their book pitches—one-minute, 200-250 word descriptions that capture the essence, voice and excitement of their proposed books. "Creating a pitch," David explained, "is critical throughout the writing process. It helps you enthuse potential readers, agents and editors."


Publishing Workshop

"And it gives your publishing house's sales reps the tools they need when they are pitching 500 books in an hour to bookstores," Arielle added.


Arielle and David closed the conversation with candid advice about the benefits and challenges of self-publishing and e-publishing and a lively Q&A. Together they transformed the dim mysteries of publishing into a negotiable, achievable aspiration that can be attained through research, networking, building an author platform and perseverance.

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