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We believe in the uniqueness of each writer's voice. Our workshops nurture that pure, honest
self-expression in each of our students.


We welcome the most reluctant child, the adult who feels like a beginner, and the experienced professional looking for a group of insightful peers.


The Writers Circle is more than a place to take a class. It is a community joined by
the love of writing.

What We Offer


Weekly Creative Writing Workshops

Our weekly workshops are the heart of The Writers Circle. Our children’s workshops, for third graders through high school students, emphasize creativity and imagination as the most productive and enjoyable path to better writing. Our adult workshops include beginners classes for newly aspiring writers, multi-genre workshops, and genre-specific classes in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and more. All our workshops encourage writers to work on their own projects while offering constructive support and incisive feedback at every stage of the literary process.


Summer Creative Writing Intensives

We’re particularly proud of our Summer Creative Writing Intensives for teens, a week-long program offered for three weeks every summer. Students study specific literary genres, work with professional author-instructors and special guests, and develop their literary voices and imaginations along with a group of like-minded peers.


Hand-picked Author-Instructors

TWC's instructors are all published authors hand-picked for their ability to encourage and support our students at every age and stage of the writing process. Our children's instructors light up the room with their energy, ideas, and creative approaches to writing. The instructors in our adult workshops understand the risky, vulnerable experience of writing and know how to make writers comfortable receiving and sharing feedback. Our goal is always to bring each writer to his or her own best level.


Each Writers Circle location brings together local authors with aspiring writers to create a vital community to support and encourage your writing.


Editorial Services and Custom Classes

TWC’s instructors are also available to work one-on-one through our book coaching, private consultation and editorial services. We also work with public and private schools, home school organizations and private groups to provide in-school workshops, after-school enrichment, and professional development for teachers.



A Community of Like-Minded Writers

Nurturing and supporting the TWC community is an essential part of what we do. In our workshops, writers develop friendships with others who understand their passion, struggles, and goals. At our special events, they meet authors and other industry professionals, extending both their personal and professional networks. Our on-going blog keeps everyone up to date with thoughts on writing craft as well as news of the publishing world. We also support and share the best work of our writers through publication in The Writers Circle Journal Online.


Tools to Inspire Writers, Near and Far

TWC is working to share its creative approaches with writers beyond our workshops. Our Story Magic Inspiration Sparking Idea Decks are just the start of the tools we are developing to inspire writers wherever their creativity takes them.

JUDITH LINDBERGH traces her teaching style to her background as a professional dancer and actress, and from the lessons she learned from one of her greatest writing mentors, Madeleine L'Engle, author of A Wrinkle in Time.

Judith believes in the uniqueness of each writer’s voice. All writers have something valid to say. Judith’s classes aim to coax that pure, honest expression from each of her students.



MICHELLE CAMERON attributes her literary success to a unique muse, her son, whose intense passion for writing made Michelle persist in her literary ambitions despite the pressures of work and family.


Michelle has been blessed by the generosity of various writing teachers during her journey as a writer, and hopes to offer other aspiring writers the same encouragement and support.


Here's what people are saying:

"Judith has created a supportive, yet productive environment. As someone who has spent his adult life critiquing and being critiqued, I can tell you how rare that is. Most critiques fall into one of two categories: "learn by being crushed" or "Everything everyone does is just awesome, we're all having a such a great time being creative." Both a waste of time. Thanks for “getting it."
    - Michael Pilla, Pilla Creative Marketing


"My daughter submitted three pieces to the national Scholastic Writing Award competition as a 7th grader (age 12), the first year she was eligible to compete. She received two Silver Keys and one Honorable mention. The support and instruction she received in her Writers Circle workshop gave her the confidence to try, and recognition by Scholastic has given her more determination to pursue her dream to become a writer.  Thank you Judith and The Writers Circle for providing what young writers need to grow their creative gift."
    - Denise B., West Orange, NJ