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When brilliant young minds meet...

Check out the amazing moments and wonderful words!

We started by getting to know one another with 8-word-memoirs.


getting to know you   getting to know you
getting to know you   getting to know you


We were writing on computers...




on paper...




but more often on the floor...


writing  writing


even on the wall - and the window!


writing on the wall   writing on the wall


There was poetry read in a cozy spot




and work shared aloud.




We got plenty of feedback from our fantastic instructors:


BJ Ward   Jennifer Walkup   Carol Forbes


BJ Ward (Poetry) ~ Jennifer Walkup (Fiction) ~ Carol Forbes (Screenwriting)


Lisa Romeo   Christina Kapp   Paul Witcover


Lisa Romeo (Memoir) ~ Chris Kapp (Fiction/Poetry) ~ Paul Witcover (Sci-fi/Fantasy)


Judith Lindbergh and Michelle Cameron


Judith Lindbergh (Fiction) and Michelle Cameron (Poetry/Fiction)


And we had some very special guests:


Caroline Leavitt Alex Cameron

Allie Dvorin


Bestselling Novelist Caroline Leavitt ~ Tor/Forge Publishing's Alex Cameron

Screenwriter Allie Dvorin


We took some inspiring excursions.

We soaked up the ambiance in the garden at the Freylingheusen Arboretum.


Freylingheusen Arboretum


Freylingheusen Arboretum   Freylingheusen Arboretum


At the Deserted Village in Watchung Reservation, Chip Davis sent us running after vampires and zombies for our television pilots.

Deserted Village with Chip Davis   Deserted Village with Chip Davis


deserted village


The next week, Judith and Michelle helped us discover ghosts from the Village's past
to populate our short plays.


Deserted Village with Chip Davis   Deserted Village


Deserted Village


There were plenty of heads-down moments.

Writing furiously, concentrating hard


heads down

heads down
heads down


But also plenty of time to laugh and make friends.


Having fun at the Summer IntensiveSharing words

Having fun with oranges exercise


A special poetry reading by Guest Poet BJ Ward


helped us get ready for our own readings on Friday.









Group Shots

Week 1


Week 1 2014


Week 2


Week 2 2014


Week 3


Week 3 2014


And of course, we always have at least one photo in a circle!


The Writers Circle


We couldn't have done it without the help of our do-it-all
program coordinator, Maddy Kapp,


Maddy Kapp


and our awesome, incredible and totally talented interns:

April   Max   Cindy
Colleen   Abbie  Gabby

April, Max, Cindy, Colleen, Abbie and Gabby!

Be sure to read some of these young writers' work at
The Writers Circle Journal Online.


Please join us next summer!

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contact us or call (973) 900-0415.

Be sure to read these young writers' work at
The Writers Circle Journal Online!


The Writers Circle Journal


  • The most valuable part of the Intensive was being able to write what we wanted.

  • We were taken seriously in our writing!

  • I learned to develop my voice, the voices of my characters, and my personal style.

  • I freakin’ loved poetry!

  • The most valuable part was getting to work with other kids who were just as passionate as me about writing and getting input/critique/constructive criticism/ encouragement from them.

  • I loved the special guests. They were a cool way to add variety to the week. Great choices on whom to bring in!

  • I wrote more poems this week than I can keep track of!

  • I learned to spark my imagination and really put more description in my writing.

  • The Intensive really makes me think creatively – I write so much better and so much more than the rest of the year.

  • Great being able to focus on different aspects of writing each day.

  • Loved being able to learn about a new form of writing. Lisa (Memoir) was great!

  • The TV Writer’s Workshop was absolutely brilliant. So much fun, great ideas were thrown around – wish it could have been longer!
    (rated this activity 1,000,000 out of 5.)

  • I enjoyed the free writes and found them very valuable.

  • The Wednesday excursion was so mystical, beautiful, and just so incredible.

  • I felt so “at home.” Everyone shared the same interests as me!

  • I learned to never stop writing!

Writing in Summit


  • The constant encouragement to write - writing treated as a pleasure and a creative achievement - and being immersed in an atmosphere of people who loved writing too. It was a *celebration* of writing, not just an education in writing, and we loved that.

  • My son thought it was great. The excursion provided a lot of inspiration and creativity. He made new friends and got to think outside the box.

  • Most valuable: Working with all the amazing teachers and the students that are both supportive and continue to push him to do his best.

  • The Writers Circle program is clearly something special.  I enjoyed hearing what all the kids had to say - so much from their heart.

  • It's such a great opportunity for my daughter to work in this way and with other people. She spoke about how wonderful she thinks it is to have the opportunity to work with published authors and gain their insights and experiences.

  • My daughter came home from camp exhausted today and raving about the day! She absolutely loved everything about it!! She is having a great week so far!! Thank you to all of you at The Writers Circle!!!


All this awesomeness happened at the loft at MONDO-Summit
426 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ




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