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A gathering of creative, young minds...

Check out the amazing moments and wonderful words!












Judith and Michelle played hosts, leaders, instructors and editors



while our teachers advised, questioned, and listened deeply, sharing professional perspectives gained from years of developing their own craft.



Lisa Romeo



Christina Kapp



Carol Forbes



Jennifer Walkup


Students helped students, because writers help writers.





Gathering insights, impressions and suggestions
is how a writer learns and grows.

Focused concentration was the rule, inside and out.





At times, not a sound was heard but the pitter-pat of computer keyboards,



and the scratch of pens and pencils on the page.



At other times, the room reverberated with laughter,



especially at the reading of the daily "Add-a-Line", a group story that inevitably took twists and turns no wise author would dare to navigate alone.



Our poor intern Jake became the subject of many an unfortunate (but thankfully fictional) incident,

to the pleasure and good humor of all!



And music...

These writers shared their talents in more ways than one!





Sometimes we laid back in the grass

and looked at the sky for inspiration.




Sometimes we wandered, observing, taking notes,
imagining stories in the faces and places of the town.





Here students made friends

in the company of others who fully understood their strange passion.




And in the end, they shared their work aloud

to the pleasure and awe of all.












Our greatest thanks to The Writers Circle instructors, staff, interns and helpers.



April Pratt, Jake Rosati, Lisa Romeo, Daniele Walker,
Deblina Mukherjee (not pictured)
Jennifer Walkup, Christina Kapp and Carol Forbes (shown farther above)


Read samples of these young writers' work at
The Writers Circle Journal Online.

The Writers Circle Summer Intensives


Read samples of these
young writers' work at

The Writers Circle Journal Online.



      • I have done more and better writing here than I would have in a month of Language Arts in school.

      • This is the best camp I’ve ever been in.

      • The exercises in the morning taught me how to write freely. I had always had trouble with that, and now I just can’t stop writing!

      • It was great to have a real writer critique my work, talk to me about it and give me suggestions and feedback. Most valuable: meeting people who liked writing just as much as I did.

      • I really enjoyed that the teachers gave us freedom in what we wrote. They didn’t give the class a topic that our story had to include and that gave me more room to think about the techniques, not sticking to a specific topic.

      • I really loved the idea that we had to have one polished piece of work. This idea really let me focus on something in particular and really get it the best it can be.

      • I loved having time set out to do nothing but write, which is something that can often be overlooked.

      • I like that we can take our writing anywhere we want.


    • She said she had so much fun, she wanted to go every day! Whatever you're doing, it's working great!!

    • A big thank you. My daughter has been buzzed all week. She is in her element!

    • My son seemed to learn a lot during the morning workshops. The small class size seemed great for everyone to share and receive a lot of 1-on-1 feedback.

    • She especially loves being treated as a serious writer and not as just a little kid. At other writing venues, she's complained that she was "underestimated". Not here, and that has made a big difference for her.

    • My daughter produced so much work and found so many different ways to express herself. She also really enjoyed reading her work for an audience.

    • The most valuable part was interacting with blazingly talented peers. She is always the best at writing in her normal circles - what a revelation to have other kids who can teach her something!

    • The workshop gave her the opportunity to create a story that she is excited to build on and continue writing. It was great!

    • Screenwriting was something totally new for my daugher and she hasn't stopped talking about it!

    • She was clearly extremely involved and proud of the work that she did and it has kept her engaged with her reading and writing this summer.

    • My son's favorite part was the walks around Summit asking people about themselves. He really enjoyed it!

    • My child hadn't worked too much on poetry before, and now loves the format.
    • The entire process - including registration - was very thorough and well thought out. This is a really wonderful program. Thank you for all your hard work and engagement!

    • The morning workshop provided meaningful exercises which focused on different aspects of writing (dialogue, setting a scene, etc.)

    • The afternoon workshop had my child thinking critically about the story and thinking more like a writer. This then translated into looking at her own work with a similar eye to spot holes in her story, missing transitions, creating effective characters, etc. It was a fun and enjoyable way to understand the craft of writing without getting a lecture!

    • By the end of the week my daughter was enthusiastic and proud of the work she had done. Talked non-stop for the car-ride home and read me her script.

    • It was nice that my daughter felt that she was with a group of like-minded kids. She didn't feel judged, which is not always the case. So the most valuable aspect of the workshop for us was the welcoming and accepting atmosphere.

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All this awesomeness happened at the loft at MONDO-Summit
426 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ