2017 Summer Intensive Recap

We have something to say!
Passionate young writers at The Writers Circle’s
2017 Summer Creative Writing Intensives

Getting to Know You
We start every week in a circle writing our own 8-word memoirs.


then let our neighbors introduce us – if they can read our handwriting!

In class (which sometimes means out of the classrooms!)
Short Stories, Creative Nonfiction, Screenwriting, Novel Writing, Sci-fi/Fantasy, plain-old Fiction, and Poetry… taking students through a jam-packed, four-day sprint of developing ideas, writing scenes, dialogue, plot, imagery and more.


There were those heads-down moments when you could hear a pin drop.
Our hour-long “Free-Write” gives everyone a chance to dig deep. It’s the quietest hour in any summer program in the world, as well as one of the most valuable parts of the day.


But who says writers always have to be serious and quiet?
First, the pre-Frisbee huddle…



And for those who prefer more sedate forms of silliness….

A few cool inspirational adventures…
Each Wednesday, we ventured off campus to an idea-sparking location where we set off to explore.
Then we reconvened to share our site-inspired creations.

At Ellis Island, there was a lot of intense writing, some wacky rehearsal-time, and presentations in the shadow of New York City and Lady Liberty.


At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, individual inspiration filled us all to overflowing.


At the Edison National Historic Park, we observed how mad scientists and inventors really can change the world.


Our guest speakers opened our minds and challenged us to raise our voices and our pens!

Alex Cameron of Tor/Forge gave us an overview of how publishing works. Freelance writer Steph Auteri challenged us to use our voices to advocate about issues we care about. Anna Davies took us on a tour of the modern magazine world.

Another favorite – Teen Critique Tuesday!
We empower students to help and learn from one other and freely express themselves, always in an effort to find the best in each other’s writing. And on Thursdays, Abbie hosted her own special critique group – because, as an amazing writer herself, we like to let her out of the office!


Sharing our work with a wider audience…
OK, let’s face it: most of us don’t really like reading in front of an audience, but rehearsals can be fun!

 But we got it all together for the real thing!

All of this couldn’t have happened without our sensational staff…


Chris Kapp
Lisa Romeo Paul Witcover
Jenn Walkup
Laurie Albanese
Cat Doty Adam Watstein
Rachel Cary


Jaris Thea
Olivia Casey

Bhoop Adam

Our Phenomenal Program Coordinator
Abbie Davidson

(This is practically the only photo of Abbie because she was almost always on paparazzi duty! At least we caught her in a lovely moment of calm reflection!)


who also taught fiction and novel-writing workshops!

Judith Lindbergh
Michelle Cameron

2017 Group Photos

Week ONE at Ellis Island

Week TWO at Drew University

Week THREE at the Edison National Historic Park

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