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One-on-One Sessions, Book Coaching & Freelance Editing


The Writers Circle's author/teachers are available for private sessions, book coaching, manuscript review and freelance editing.



  • PROJECT MEETINGS: USD$125.00/hour for in-person meetings, telephone or video chats via Skype. This time would be for discussing your project at whatever stage of development it’s in, as well as marketing strategy, agents, publishing, and more. It would also be used for manuscript review discussions, next steps meetings and so on.

  • MANUSCRIPT REVIEW: USD$5.00/page (12 pt. Times Roman font, double-spaced, delivered digitally) for reading actual written samples, chapters, or your whole manuscript. (Screenplays and playscripts are charged at 50% of page rate due to the reduced content/page.) Manuscript Review would include a complete read-through, a thorough "editorial letter”, usually several pages long, and your manuscript pages marked up with many more specific suggestions and details.


Please contact us first to make arrangements with the author/teacher you'd like to work with. We need to learn a bit your project and creative circumstances in order to pair you with the very best author/teacher to address your personal and professional needs.




Please use this payment page only after you have discussed your project with The Writers Circle. After you've selected your book coach or editor, it will take you directly to PayPal where you can safely pay by credit card, even if you don't have a Paypal account.




Select an Editor/Instructor


USD$5.00/page (12 pt. Times Roman font
double-spaced, delivered digitally)

Select an Editor/Instructor
Enter Title of Work
Enter Number of Pages

Under 30 pages must be paid in full in advance.
For manuscripts over 30 pages, contact us to make payments in two installments.


We cannot review your manuscript without correct formatting and proper payment.


Be sure to calculate your page count correctly by formatting your document with normal
1-inch margins, 12 pt. Times Roman font, and double-spacing.



The Writers Circle Refund Policy

We're sorry, but there is no refund for one-on-one sessions, book coaching
or freelance editing.



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Here’s what TWC adult students and private clients have to say about their experience:

"Judy Lindbergh's writing workshops were invaluable to the publication of The Last Leaf. Her open and welcoming classes were a terrific forum for writing and editing the book's chapters. And Judy, a published novelist, is a wonderful resource for navigating the unknown waters of publishing and publicity."

    - Stuart Lutz, author of The Last Leaf: Voices of History's Last Known Survivors


"I just received word from a publication that they'd like to publish one of the stories I worked on with Michelle Cameron. It's a pro paying market that has published, among many big name authors, Harlan Ellison. I'm thrilled beyond words. I really can't thank Michelle enough for all her help with the story, and for that matter, with all my stories. This tale simply would not have gotten to where it is without Michelle's guidance and advice."

    - Jeff Samson, musician, graphic artist, writer


"Judy gave me the motivation and the confidence I needed to take my book from scattered ideas and scribbles to detailed outline and manuscript draft. I’m a hundred pages in (so far!) and she’s still guiding me with her nurturing, insightful, deeply intelligent advice for dealing with not only the logistical struggles but also the emotional trials of writing."

    - Sandra Joseph, on writing “Phantom Girl”, a memoir of her ten years as the female lead of Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera


"I must thank Michelle profusely for her edits. I think she taught me more about writing than anyone has -- I'm a grad of Columbia Journalism school so that's saying a lot!"

    - Pamela R. Winnick, lawyer, journalist, historical novelist


“Judith Lindbergh’s professional writing support is truly remarkable. It is so important to work with an editor or writing coach who is not only skilled at the craft of writing, but who is respectful, responsible, and sensitive as a human being. Writing is often such a personal endeavor that it is essential to work with people who know how to communicate what they see in your writing so that you can really grow. Judy has been providing me with such editorial care and my work has taken off as a result.”
    - Ruth Henderson, Ph.D., on writing “The Mysteries of Forgiveness: Finding Freedom and Peace in the Aftermath of Trauma”